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When registering as a member, online registration is required.


**Initial Fee**: $500 USD


**Monthly Fee**: $60 USD (Including 9% GST)


**Product/Service Details**:


Member Plan:


- DISCORD Online Content

- Activation Key Fee


**Product Description**:


1. About DISCORD Online Content:

   The services and products provided by our company are online salon content. We offer information provided within the online salon, offline support provided to salon members, and services including member interactions.




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What kind of salon content?"

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"Our community shares easily understandable content through video streaming and Q&A sessions to communicate the charm and value of Asia, sharing real voices and local information for those interested in Asia! We support and provide a complete community where Asia business can be shared.



The trends of globalization, dissemination power, monetization, side jobs, credit economies, and the flow of multi-forces are accelerating in Asia. We aim to bridge the gap between "seemingly close yet distant Asia", synchronizing communication and information between Asia and Japan to make Asia and Japan more familiar to each other.

We share information with people who work, live, and study in Asia, while expanding our network and helping people enjoy life while keeping an eye on Asia."


"Real estate information in Asia"

"Our local staff in each country provide the latest real estate information."

"Travel information in Asia"

"Our Asia tours are handled by professionals. Our staff provide on-site support, ensuring a worry-free travel experience."

"Events in Asia"

"While in Japan, we provide information on the latest events from various schools across Asia. There's plenty of information you'd want to know!"


Local tour

We regularly hold tours to Lombok Island. Our staff will guide you through the local conditions


"Seminar content"

・Bamboo Architecture Real Estate

・Introduction to Bamboo Real Estate

・Other Contents